Promised Land Dairy

A few months ago, I photographed  the milk bottles for Promised Land Dairy. They are using these shots for all of their current promotion materials, including their Facebook page and website.

Their milk is from Jersey cows and, is rich, delicious and hormone free!  Drink some soon.

villy customs

I met Fleetwood Hicks and his cute dog DeVille when he was selling his bikes out of a small shop in Dallas call Fleetwood’s Kit Kat. Back in the earlier days of Villy Customs, Fleetwood asked me to help out with some photography to launch his website. Many of the photos on the original Villy Customs  website were photographed by me. Click here to see some of my favorites.

Fleetwood's Kit Kat

crystal fenders


summer cruising


Sadly, as his business needs grew, his inventory and site has changed and evolved. Most of my original photography has made it to the archives of custom bike history.